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Silence over Dr Aafia flayed

ISLAMABAD- Hundreds of people belonging to different walks of life Wednesday staged a protest at D Chowk near Parliament House in connection with the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui from American’s illegal confinment.

Renowned journalist Yvonne Ridley who has been named as Maryam after embracing Islam, former Member National Assembly Mian Muhammad Aslam, Amna Janjua, large numbers of Lawyers and representatives of civil society, workers of Pakistan Tahreek-i Insaaf (PTI) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) were also present on the occasion.

Protesters carrying different placards inscribed with different slogans in favour of their demands like ‘DR Aafia’s call is there no Ibne-Qasim in Ummah? And they were chanting slogans against the USA and those who allegedly involved in Dr Aafia detention and other missing persons.
Speaking on the occasion, Maryam said that where are true leaders of Muslims? Why Pakistani democratic government has been quiet over the release of Dr Afia?

She said that Muslim are not terrorist. American were trying to rule all over the worlds, she said adding that USA has used many Muslim leaders unfortunately Gen(Retd) Musharraf was one of them. However she said that American’s people are innocent and they don’t know the policy of their government. Maryam demanded the American’s people to press their government for the release of Aafia.

She alleged that America is responsible for the terrorism all over world and its brutal acts of terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and its recent attacks on the Syria were the real example.

Maryam said “I was held in Afghanistan by the Taliban for 10 days. They were 10 terrifying days even though I was given the key to lock my own door, even though my captors always knocked and asked permission to enter my room. Whenever I needed to use the bathroom, I only had to ask and I was escorted to the bathroom and an armed guard remained outside while I washed and showered in complete privacy.”

She further said “But no such respect and decency was given to detained Dr Aafia Siddiqui – no, this sister is still being brutalized. She had to share the same open toilet as the men and there were no closed doors, or shower curtains when she wanted to wash” she deplored. She further said that she has been met with Senator Talha Mahmood regarding this connection and she hopes that Aafia would be released very soon.

Main Muhammad Aslam slammed the policies of government over war on terror he criticized the incumbent government and termed it the legacy of previous government over the issue of so-called war on terror.
Amna Janjoha demanded of the government to direct the agencies to release her son and other missing persons.
Father of missing Dr Muhammad Razzaq was also present on the protest venue and said that his son Dr Abdul Razzaq recently has been kidnapped from Railway hospital he alleged that government is not looking since to recover his son.
Source: Business Recorder

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