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Women urged to help raise literacy rate

HYDERABAD: Dr Amna Memon, a civil society leader, has urged women’s organisations and literate women to be proactive and play a role for increasing literacy rate among women and encourage them in participating in activities of social development.

She said after inaugurating two-day Meena Bazaar organised by the management of Ladies Club on Monday that women were facing different social as well as professional problems in the male dominated society but they had now taken a sigh of relief thanks to encouragement and help by the present government.

She called upon the womenfolk to be proactive, especially for creating awareness and education among their lot.

She praised the Ladies Club for holding the Meena Bazaar and said that it would help generate new ideas and encourage women.

Ladies Club general secretary Apa Khursheed said that the event was aimed at initiating multipurpose activities for women and to provide them opportunity for social gathering.

The amount earned from the activity would be spent on poor students and ailing people of rural areas, she said.

She said that the club aimed to promote educational, social and entertainment activities for women in Hyderabad.

A large number of women and children visited the Meena Bazaar where different stalls had put on display clothes, boutique items, jewellery, bangles, fast food, cosmetics and other items of women’s interest.
Source: Dawn