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‘Women should strive to glorify nation’s future’

ISLAMABAD (June 16 2008): Addressing the first graduation ceremony at the Women Institute of Science and Humanities, held at the Islamic University, here on Sunday, Senate Chairman Mohammedmian Soomro said that quality education would assist the nation to glorify its future. Particularly in the present environment of globalisation where only the best could survive the cut-throat competition, he said.

The threshold of competition was constantly rising, and hundreds and thousands of new discoveries are made each day. In these circumstances, Pakistani students must focus on research and keep pace with new knowledge that is driving force in the present day world.

Soomro reminded the gathering that Muslims were once pioneers of sciences especially in Algebra, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Numerology and were acknowledged masters in these fields until the Middle Ages.

They were the acknowledged masters of these sciences till the middle ages, but then they lost touch with reality thus losing their eminence as generators of knowledge and education.

This should be as good a reason to revive our religious tradition of embarking on a new renaissance in education and learning in keeping with the requirements of the present day world.

Soomro recalled that the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) enjoined all his followers to seek knowledge from cradle to grave. ‘The very first words of “Wahi” (Revelation) began with the word ‘Iqra’ (ordering us to read more.) This is a commandment which calls upon Muslims to acquire greater knowledge.’

He quoted the father of the nation Quaid-i-Azam who also had expressed the need for quality education, more particularly for educating women, so that they could be prepared for mainstream activities of nationhood.

‘We now have many qualified women in various fields of life but in a country of 160 million, we should be more in number because women are one half of our population. Earlier, Professor Dr Tayyab Gulzar Khan, President WISH, in his address of welcome narrated the history of the Institute established in 2003, which was affiliated with Ripah University. 184 students graduated on Sunday. Chairman Senate awarded degrees and medals to them. Chairperson of Senate Standing Committee on Women Development, Senator Tahira Latif also attended the graduation ceremony’.
Source: Business Recorder