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Woman, three children slaughtered

KARACHI, Dec 12: A woman and her three children were found slaughtered in North Karachi on Friday.

Police said the incident took place in Sector 5A-4 and was reported by Mohammad Jameel, the children’s father, who found the bodies after he returned home from work.

Jameel, 50, a cement factory employee, is reported to have scaled the wall of his house after he found the door locked from inside and found his wife Seema, 40, and daughter Saima, 8, lying in a pool of blood on the ground floor. The bodies were trussed up with rope.

Jameel’s relatives said he sounded hysterical when he called to tell them about the incident.

Later, he found the throat-slit bodies of his son Osama, 6, and daughter Ramsha, 5, on the first floor of his house, which has a separate entrance.

The Superintendent of Police, North Karachi, Dr Mohammad Farooq, told reporters that the assailants had tried to give the incident a colour of a robbery by ransacking the house.

Things would clear up after police investigation, the SP said adding that it appeared that more than one assailant had taken part in the savagery.

Police found two knives lying atop a water tank but were not certain whether they belonged to the household or had been brought by the assailants.

Offended by the media invasion, relatives of the slain family refused to talk and tried to chase them away. Neighbours, however, said that the family had been living there for the past 15 years and had no quarrel with anyone.

Dr Yasmeen Qamar, who carried out the post-mortem examination at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, told Dawn that the victims had been killed at least “five to six hours before their bodies were brought to the morgue” — around 2pm or 3pm.

According to her, the woman and the boy had tried to resist the attackers, adding that the woman’s hands were bruised.

Dr Saleem said the boy’s lower abdomen had also been cut open by a sharp-edged weapon.

All victims bore deep “active injury marks” on their throats, the doctors said.

“Marks of resistance on Seema’s body were not intense enough to indicate that she was sexually assaulted, but we have carried out the baseline tests which would determine forensic findings,” Dr Qamar said.

Doctors concurred with the police’s findings which ruled out the possibility that the crime had been carried out by a lone assailant.

Emotional scenes were witnessed even outside the hospital’s mortuary where some family members were seen wailing.
Source: Dawn