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Woman shot by brother-in-law takes her last breath at the hospital

SUKKUR: Zamiran Tunio, who was severely injured by her brother-in-law last Saturday, passed away at Civil Hospital, Sukkur on Wednesday morning.

Her brother-in-law, Rashid Tunio, attacked her as he suspected she was cheating on his brother with another man.

Rashid, a resident of Amanullah Chowk, New Pind, thought his brother Khan Muhammad’s wife was involved with another man from the neighbourhood.

On July 12, Zamiran was busy completing her household chores when Rashid opened fire at her and fled leaving her severely injured.

Zamiran was rushed to the hospital by her mother and two neighbours. The doctors operated on her immediately to remove the bullets from her body. They claimed that even after the operation she was in a critical condition. Her husband who serves in the Pakistan Army has not shown up at the hospital or police station as yet.

The police managed to arrest Rashid and recovered the weapon he used. The police told The Express Tribune that they registered an FIR against Rashid under Sections 324 and 311 of the Pakistan Penal Code which deal with attempted murder and murder in the name of honour. They added that they had not recorded Zamiran’s statement as yet due to her health but would now change the sections in the FIR to Sections 324 and 302 which deals with murder.

The body, they said, was handed over to the mother of the deceased for the burial.

The medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Jawaid Shaikh, said that Zamiran was brought to the hospital last weekend in a critical condition. He added that as they needed blood for Zamiran, he asked the women who brought her to arrange for some but they never came back. In the end, he said, they managed to arrange for five pints of blood and operated on her but she passed away.

According to Dr Shaikh, he had asked the police to arrange for a guard at the hospital as the woman had been injured in a karo kari case and the man who tried to kill her might try to do so again.

Zamiran’s neighbours claim that she was a good woman and those accusing her of karo kari were wrong. Her mother, Mai Wadul Tunio, insisted that her daughter was not a kari and was innocent. While talking to the media, she said that her daughter was killed over baseless allegations. She appealed to high-ranking officials to order a judicial inquiry into her daughter’s murder.

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