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Tasleem Solangi case: Perpetrators won’t be let off: Sherry

ISLAMABAD: The government is resolutely investigating Tasleem Solangi’s murder and those involved would be brought to justice, Federal Women Development Minister Sherry Rehman said on Thursday.

“We are determined to bring the culprits to book. All those responsible, no matter how powerful they are, would be tried for eliminating a life for their vested interests. This is a human rights issue and such crimes cannot be taken lightly,” she said. “The federal government took immediate action when the case was reported early this week. The president and the prime minister have personally intervened in the matter and have directed the authorities to initiate an investigation,” she told reporters.

Sherry said that the government had directed the Sindh inspector general police (IGP) to reinvestigate the matter. “A high level committee has been constituted by the Sindh IGP for reinvestigation. The three-member committee includes the Sukkur deputy inspector general, senior superintendent of police and superintendent of police. We want a thorough probe by a team of professionals. The committee has been assigned the dual task of reinvestigation as well as probing any cover-up or involvement of any influential individuals or groups,” she said.

Sherry said the federal government was monitoring the investigation, and Sindh police would submit an initial inquiry report to the Women Development and Interior ministries tomorrow (Saturday). “The case would be taken forward on the basis of the preliminary report’s findings,” Sherry said.

She said that a spate of information on the incident coming was pouring in from various sources. “The father of the victim is underground, while the husband has reportedly confessed his involvement in the murder. The case has been under constant media attention and it is important to separate facts from fiction. Any legal action against the culprits must be based on solid investigation and such an exercise requires time and a professional approach,” Sherry said.

The fact that the incident was reported several months after the crime occurred was creating problems in the investigation, she said. “The lapse of several months has given enough space to those involved to mislead the course of investigation.” the minister said.
Source: Daily Times