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Shahnawaz Amir challenges death sentence in Sarah Inam murder case

ISLAMABAD – Shahnawaz Amir, the son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir, has challenged his death sentence in the Sarah Inam murder case in the Islamabad High Court.

The development comes around a week after a sessions court in the federal capital awarded him death penalty along with a fine of Rs1 million. Session Judge Nasir Javaid Rana had announced the verdict, concluding a trial that spanned over a year.

Sarah Inaam met her tragic end on the nights of September 22 and 23, 2022, at a farmhouse in Chak Shehzad. Shahnawaz was found guilty of using a blunt object to fatally strike her head.

The court’s decision, reached on December 9, 2023, marks the culmination of a legal process that began with the filing of charges against Shah Nawaz and his mother, Samina Shah, on December 5, 2022.

However, in a surprising turn, the court acquitted Samina Shah, citing a lack of evidence against her in the heinous crime.

In his petition against the verdict, Shahnawaz said he was convicted despite absence of solid evidence against him. He argued that the trial court’s ruling lacks the legal merit and it should be invalidated in order to ensure justice.

The trial proceedings attracted widespread attention, with three different judges presiding over the case. In addition to Session Judge Nasir Javaid Rana, Additional and Session Judge Ata Rabbani, as well as Session Judge Azam Khan, contributed to the hearings.

The case’s gravity and public interest prompted a thorough examination, reflecting the commitment of the judicial system to ensure justice.

Source: Pakistan Observer