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PTV launches special programme for working women


ISLAMABAD: To highlight the problems of working women and help improve their working condition in offices, Pakistan Television (PTV) has launched a special programme titled ‘Shanakht’ with sub-title ‘Mein Houn Zindagi’. Addressing on the occasion, the Director of the programme, Nageen Khayat said that main objectives of the programmes are to raise awareness regarding issues pertaining to women, particularly in the workplace.

The Director said, ‘We want to discuss social taboos, giving women a voice and forming opinions with an attempt to overcome the existing stigmas.’ ‘Shanakht’ is a programme based on working women, with special emphasis essentially on ‘stigmatised’ professions that women undertake in Pakistan such as nursing, classical dance, police service, media professions and many others,’ Nageen added.

‘In this programme, we are focusing on changing the attitudes by creating awareness and sensitivity among the viewers, locally and internationally, by highlighting the perspective of the ‘professional’ and interpreting it through the powerful tool of the media,’ she claimed.

A Social worker, Tahira Abdullah said that the tagline of the programme, ‘Mein Houn Zindagi’, is suggestive of the role women play in our society. Whether at home or work, they are the spark of life, the centre of societal unity and harmony and are both the providers and sustainers of life itself.

‘We should reserve the stereotypical and backward thought processes possessed by many in disallowing women to work and join hands for a prosperous society,’ she added. Tahira also said that to uphold the image of women at work and to allow them to work freely, independently and with respect in their workplace, is one of the main objectives of the programme.

It is a 50 minutes programme, which will be telecast on every Sunday night at 6:20 pm on PT Home with a repeat telecast on the next Sunday at 2pm. The Marketing Director of the programme, Colonel Massoud (Retd) and Producer, Tariq saeed were also present on the occasion.
Source: Business Recorder