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Newly-wed bride widowed by Karachi violence

Newly-wed bride who had taken the risk to solemnize Nikah with her husband Danish Husain through court could have never imagined that she would be deprived of her love on very first stage of the knot.

The groom Husain had gone to the office to receive the Nikah Nama (marriage contract certificate) from his advocate Altaf Abbasi on Wednesday afternoon when unknown miscreants set the lawyer’s office 616 in Tahir Plaza near the City Courts on fire following the “clash” between supposed rival groups of the lawyers, which triggered violence across the city.

Later, Hussain was among five people whose charred bodies were recovered on the sixth floor of the building, which mostly housed lawyers’ offices.

“The couple tied the knot through the court around two to four days ago,” said Danish’s relative Syed Mohammed Ali Rizvi. Moreover, Rizvi’s brother Dawar who had taken Hussain to fetch the signed contract also died in the same incident.

Talking to The News, Rizvi said “the bride is still in shock,” adding he vented out, “there is no such thing as law in the city, there is only terrorism.”

As his anger abated, Rizvi claimed “sorrows and hardships are our kismet (fate).”

Dawar Hussain was father of four children, fourth one born recently. He was electrician by profession and resident of Shah Faisal Colony. Danish, on the other hand, was a tailor master, resident of the Orangi Town.

Rizvi said he recognised his brother Dawar because of his ring. He said Danish was only recognisable because of a small piece of his pants, attached to his charred body.

The advocate Altaf Abbasi’s body still has not been recognised. His brother, Tariq Abbasi says that the body was coal-like charred without the head. Moreover, he said that two bodies recovered from the room 616 have been identified while two other bodies were believed to belong to women.

Hence, Tariq Abbasi added that they presumed that the fifth one was of their brother. He said nothing remains identifiable remains of the body which might help them recognise Altaf Abbasi. Moreover, he said that the police have taken DNA samples and sent them to the HEJ Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi for ascertaining identity.

Altaf Abbasi, resident of Lyari originally belonged to Gambat Taluka. He had two wives and six children (four from his first wife and two from the second). Moreover, Tariq Abbasi added that another lawyer, Naseer Abbasi whose office was adjacent to his brother’s room was active in the lawyers’ movement and had issued various statements as well. In this regard, Tariq Abbsi alleges that the miscreants might have targeted his brother assuming him to be Advocate Naseer Abbasi.

Furthermore, Anwar Kazmi, spokesman of the Edhi Foundation says that they have given the supposed body of Altaf Abbasi to his relatives as they brought a letter from the concerned police. Meanwhile two other charred unknown bodies have been kept at the Edhi morgue as so far no one has approached them.
Source: The News

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