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Nasirabad women stoned then killed

QUETTA – The post-mortem of two out of three women who were killed in the name of honour has been completed and it is reported that they were hit on their heads with stones or some other heavy thing before burying them.

This was stated by police surgeon Doctor Shamim Gul Mushwani while talking to newsmen here on Wednesday.

She said that age of both women was between 20 to 25 years and they were killed some two months back.

She said that initial report suggests that they were killed and later buried in a ditch. She said that their death was not result of firing rather deep wounds on their heads suggest that they were hit on their heads with stones or some other heavy thing. She said that postmortem report would be handed over to Nasirabad police within a few days.

She said that samples have also been taken for DNA of both women and ,added, that samples would be sent to Lahore for test. According to reports reaching here the relatives of both ladies have contacted police for their bodies and these would be handed over by Thursday(today).

Meanwhile, SHOs of two police stations of Naseerabad District were also suspended for their negligence in connection with killing of these women.

They included Ghulam Mustafa of Khan Kot and Manzoor Sayyal of Baba Kot police stations.
Source: The Nation