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Minor girl’s rape unleashes public fury

A man raped a minor girl (his neighbour), within the Ibrahim Hyderi police limits. When news about the incident spread, residents of the area caught hold of the criminal and beat him up brutally, before trying to set him on fire. The man was rescued by the police who reached the spot.

The angry residents of the locality then attacked the police and beat up the Station House Officer (SHO). They also shot at the police party. Later, a heavy police contingent came and tear-gassed the mob. They managed to take the accused into custody. The incident was reported Monday night.

Rafiq, the father of the victim (four-year-old ‘R’), said that he was a resident of Ali Mohammed Brohi Goth, Ibrahim Hyderi, and was a labourer by profession. On June 20, he went to Larkana for some work leaving his daughter and wife at home.

When he reached home late at night on June 22, his wife told him after dinner than on June 20, ‘R’ was playing outside the house when their neighbour, 30-year-old Shah Mohammed Dost took her into his house and raped her.

When the child reached home after an hour, her trousers were dripping blood. When asked what had happened, she related the whole story. Rafiq said his wife decided to maintain silence until he got home.

Later that night, Rafiq went out in search of Dost but failed to locate him. He caught hold of him on Tuesday night, however, and along with residents of the area, gave Dost a drubbing good and proper.

Eyewitnesses said that around about 400 to 500 people gathered outside the house of the accused. They broke his door down, barged in, and beat him up brutally.

Meanwhile, some people informed the police, who immediately reached the spot and found Dost tied up with ropes. The police tired to enter inside the house, but faced severe resistance from the public.

The angry people present inside Dost’s house were shouting for the criminal to be set on fire, saying that he had no right to live. The public were throwing lighted matchsticks at the accused but police finally managed to rescue the offender.

SHO Rao Tasleem of the Ibrahim Hyderi police station said that while the police party was coming back to the station, people with loaded weapons chased them in four to five vehicles and tried to kill the criminal. SHO Tasleem however, directed his staff to move towards some other police station.

He added that a medical examination of the child was conducted, and it was proved that she had been raped by the accused. Further investigation is underway.
Source: The News

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