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Man butchers wife after she filed for divorce

Sarfraz kidnapped Zahida from her parents’ house and chopped her head off.

SAHIWAL: A man allegedly murdered his wife after she threatened to divorce him for accusing her of having had an affair.

According to police officials, Chak 4/10- L resident Sarfraz tied his wife to the bed and chopped her head with an axe. Sarfaraz then threw his wife, Zahida Parveen’s body in a nearby field to try and conceal the evidence. “We found a headless corpse in the fields and immediately called the police to investigate,” said villager Rahmat Ali.

Police officials said that they sent her body to the DHQ hospital for an autopsy and later found her head in a gunny bag in the kitchen of Sarfaraz’s house.

Harappa Police said that the man’s neighbours told him that he had been married for five years and often quarreled with his wife. “She was filing for a divorce but he insisted that she had been cheating on him and dragged her back from her parents’ house,” Ali said.

Police said that Sarfaraz abducted his wife Zahida Parveen from her parents ‘house two days ago and slaughtered her. Police recovered the body on the report of neighbours and Sarfaraz’s brother, who confessed to helping him escape. Police are searching for Sarfaraz’s whereabouts.

Source: The Express Tribune