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Man arrested for selling infant daughter

The New Town police on Saturday arrested three people, including a nurse, involved in abduction and selling of a one-and-a-half- year-old girl.

Station House Officer Muhammad Zubair of the New Town police station said that a few days ago, a woman who identified herself as Faiza approached him at the police station and narrated that she was a housewife and resident of the Kala Pull area.

She narrated that she married a man, Arshad Ali, in 2017 in a court, and during their wedlock she gave birth to a girl, Noor Fatima, on July 25, 2018, at the Civil Hospital Karachi.

The woman stated that when her daughter was one-and-a-half years old, she fell ill in March 2019. It was then she visited the Usmania Hospital, Mehmoodabad, with her husband and daughter.

Faiza recalled that at the hospital, she went in a room to get medicines but when she came back, she found her husband and daughter missing. She added that she had stayed at the hospital searching for the two for almost three hours when her husband returned without the daughter.

Ali told Faiza that owing to her illness, he had left the infant at the house of his friend Faisal, a tailor by profession, in Ghausia Colony, New Town.

The woman told the SHO that after recovering from illness, she asked her husband to bring the daughter back but he started making excuses.

However, when she made a hue and cry, he took her to Faisal’s house where Faisal’s mother told her that Ali had sold his daughter to a nurse, Musarrat, a neighbour of Faisal, for Rs60, 000.

Faisal’s mother further told Faiza that Ali had told Musarrat that his wife was suffering from a serious disease and he needed money for the treatment of his wife. He sold his daughter to the nurse for Rs60, 000.

Faiza then found that after Musarrat bought her daughter from her husband, she sold the infant to another nurse, Shazia, resident of Korangi.

The complainant told police that she reproached her husband and start searching for her daughter. She said she visited police stations, including the women police station, but the issue was not resolved.

Ali also did not appear before the police when they called him for interrogation.

Faiza told SHO Zubair that she had now approached the New Town police station for the registration of an FIR.

The officer lodged an FIR on the complaint of the woman and conducted raids for the arrest of the accused persons.

During the raids, the police arrested Ali and Faisal and questioned Shazia but the girl was not recovered.

The SHO said Musarrat sold the girl to Shazia for Rs150, 000, and it seemed that Shazia also sold the infant to someone else.

He added that investigations were under way and the police were hopeful that they would find the girl soon.

Source: The News