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‘Kari’ prays for cancellation of bail to jirga head

KARACHI: Saira Jatoi, a woman declared as Kari by a jirga, prayed a division bench
of the Sindh High Court (SHC) to revoke the bail it had awarded to the head of the
jirga, Sardar Abid Jatoi, in December 2008.

In a written reply to a counter affidavit filed by Sardar Jatoi, the petitioner maintained
that the ‘jirga was presided over by Sardar Abid Hussain Jatoi, along with the other accused and that Sardar had full intention to kill her and her husband, Ismail Soomro.’

She added that the couple’s families are still being harassed, with the accused visiting her mother’s house and the house of an uncle of Ismail’s on January 19, threatening them with dire consequences if the FIR is not withdrawn and Saira is not handed over.
The other respondents in the petition include Mir Khan Jatoi, Deedar Jatoi, Abid Jatoi, Allah Dino Jatoi, Abdul Khaliq, Ali Sher and Khadim Mirabahar.
The bench put off the hearing till February 11, while issuing notices to the respondents who are yet to be served.
Source: Daily Times