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ISLAMABAD: Dr Shoaib Suddle, Director General Gender Crime Cell

ISLAMABAD: Dr Shoaib Suddle, Director General Gender Crime Cell, after being approached by human rights activists and The News, has ordered the District Police Officer (DPO) Sahiwal to shift the chained, raped Sahiwal girl to Dar-ul-Amaan as early as possible.

Whereas, Javed Shah, DPO Sahiwal, told The News that he called Bashir Ahmad, father of Tanvir, with whom the girl was being forced to live with, and Bashir had promised to provide the girl before the DPO at 4 pm today (Tuesday) as according to him (Bashir) the girl was in Lahore.

But the victim of gruesome torture, Shahnaz, told this scribe late Monday night that she had been shifted to his father’s house in Chak 84/5-L, Sahiwal after the DPO called her uncle Bashir.

The DPO said he himself had gone through the case and now he would investigate the case. He said the case included plenty of complications but the things would be clear in a span of 24 hours. He said he was busy in ensuring the security for the Muharram processions otherwise he would have called Bashir Ahmad on Sunday.

Javed said though the proceedings of the case were undergoing in the courts of law he would make sure that the girl was shifted to a safer place. He said he would ensure that no undue pressure was being applied on the girl.

Earlier the members of the civil society strongly condemned the incident and have requested the law enforcement agencies to set free the girl from the custody of his relatives where she was being forced to live with his cousin, Tanvir, of whom she was married forcibly, having been previously married to a man of her choice.

Farzana Bari, a human rights activist, approached this correspondent and showed her willingness to help the poor Sahiwal girl in these moments of crisis. She said it was not just an event but was in fact the insult of the whole humanity. She said, “If we cannot save the lives of thousands at least we can help this poor girl from Sahiwal”.

“Shahnaz was not a minor and has the right to live according to her own will.” She said she had talked to Dr Shoaib Suddle and Suddle had requested the Inspector General Police to intervene in the matter. Bari said the immediate task was to get the girl out from the custody of her relatives and shift her to a place where she had no risk to her life.

Naeem Mirza, another human rights activist, said the civil society and the human rights organisations would convince the top officials of the law enforcement agencies to take stern action against the culprits and ensure that not a single incident of such volume occur again in the country. He said he had talked to all the human rights activists of Lahore and the culprits of this severe human rights violation would be brought to justice.
Source: The News