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HRCP condemns police excesses

KARACHI, April 6: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Friday condemned an attack on Uzma Noorani, an HRCP activist and illegal detention, torture and harassment of Master Noor, a local tailor, by Darakhshan police.

Secretary-General HRCP Iqbal Haider, said in a statement that Ms Noorani was at Master Noor’s shop to get some clothes stitched.

“Then someone (later identified as ASI Agha Mashooq) in plainclothes with a holstered gun accompanied by another man in plainclothes and a uniformed policeman arrived, entered the shop, crowded around her and her daughter and told Noor to accompany them, said Mr Haider.

The tailor told them to wait outside but they also ordered Noor to accompany them. Ms Noorani intervened and asked them the reason for taking him away.

“Ms Noorani told them they must have produced a warrant. The officer in plainclothes and a uniformed officer came close to her daughter and the plainclothes man attempted to pull her away by yanking her handbag and touched her arm and also pushed Ms Noorani and grabbed the tailor master and took him away.

Mr Haider said the police officials roughed Noor all the way to the police station and he was subjected to brutal torture for two hours and only released after a lot of hue and cry.

He condemned the act and said they were unconstitutional, illegal and inhuman acts of the authorities.

“This is a matter of grave concern that citizens are arrested and kidnapped by police officials without disclosing the reason. Such acts of the authorities are outright violation of the constitution, all laws, all human rights and all civilized norms,” said the HRCP official.

Mr Haider demanded that the police authorities stop such acts and give up harassing and victimising citizens.

He also demanded strict disciplinary action and prosecution of officials of the Darakhshan Police Station involved in such illegal acts.

Source: Dawn