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Girl kidnapped from Lahore recovered in Khairpur

KHAIRPUR, April 17: Police found a girl in unconscious state, chained and tied with ropes, in a deserted building in Bhango Behan village near Faiz Ganj town on Wednesday and arrested a man allegedly involved in her kidnapping.

Police said the 17-year-old Sahib Khatoon, daughter of Habibullah Malik, had been kidnapped from Lahore ten days ago and the arrested accused Yousuf of Sheikhupura was involved in her kidnapping.

Sahib Khatoon told journalists that the accused kidnapped her after drugging her. He made her drink tea mixed with some sedatives and she fell unconscious, she said and accused Yousuf and his two accomplices of trying to sell her to some influential person of the area.

But Yousuf denied the girl’s charges saying she was not mentally sound and he had brought her there for treatment. He denied his involvement in her kidnapping.

The SHO of Faiz Ganj police station insisted that the accused had kidnapped the girl from Lahore with the intention of selling her here. Police found the girl after receiving a tip-off, he said.

No case had been registered till the filing of this report.

GIRLS FOUND: Two daughters of a poor villager were found unconscious in a village near Nandhi Thari of Thari Mirwah town late on Wednesday night.

The girl’s father Eidan Islami and his relatives took the girls to Thari Mirwah police station where police issued them a letter for getting the victims checked at Thari Mirwah Rural Health Centre.

Eidan accused two youngsters of his community of criminally assaulting one of his daughters but police had not so far filed any case till the filing of this report.

ARREST: Police on Thursday claimed to have arrested one Qabool Shaikh, who was nominated in a case involving rape of two sisters who were criminally assaulted six days ago in the jurisdiction of Abdul Rehman Unnar police station.

The other accused in the case including Kanji Bheel were still at large and the victims’ relatives Imdad Paniyo and Munawar Ali told journalists in Pir Jo Goth that if police did not arrest the main accused including Kanji Bheel and others they would stage a demonstration.
Source: Dawn