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Elite policemen accused of gang rape

RAWALPINDI: Two salesgirls were lured by a man on their door-to-door round in Tench Bhatta with offer of better-paid jobs on Wednesday and gang raped by three policemen and two others, police reported on Thursday.

Nowshad, the man who allegedly snared the girls and took them to a house in Ali Street, and his colleague Raja Afzal belonged to the Elite Force. They have been arrested, according to the police.

However, the police withheld the name of the third policeman, an officer, fearing “he might go into hiding” if identified.

But SI Sheikh Ikram, who is leading the investigation into the reprehensible crime, assured that the hunt for the three absconding accused was on.

In their complaint to the police, the victims said that when they followed Nowshad in the house to discuss his offer of jobs, they found four other men there. They forcibly made them submit to their lust and then pushed them out, they charged.

The two salesgirls were visiting Ali Street in Tench Bhatta for marketing of their products, when Nowshad met them and introduced himself as a businessman.

He offered the girls a handsome salary (more than double to what they were already getting) and asked them to join his company. Oblivious to what was going to happen with them, the girls agreed to join his so-called company.

Later he took them to a house in Ali Street for negotiations. The victims said as they entered the house, they found four other men who were already present there.

They said they were raped by Nowshad and Raja Afzal who turned out to be Elite Force constables. Later they were also raped by their three other accomplices.

The victims said the accused pushed them out of their house after fulfilling their animal lust.

Source: Dawn