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Educating women

A HUSBAND forbids his wife from seeing her parents and threatens to divorce her if she disobeyed, even though his parents and extended family are allowed to use and abuse his wife’s services as and when they please. That is, of course, an inherent obligation that the wife has to fulfil without any complaints.

If a woman speaks for her rights, she may be the wrong choice; he should marry a submissive woman who is akin to cattle. Man, on the other hand, is always right and the rationale is that he is the sole breadwinner.

That is why so many women in our society are unable to pursue their careers after marriage. As a result, people don’t invest much in educating their daughters.

Parents should educate their daughters and build them into strong, confident and self-sufficient young women.

It is wrong to think of women as burden. Times have changed and an educated mother will bring up educated children.

Mobeen Imran Shah
Nottingham, UK