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DNA tests of rape victims at govt expenses

FAISALABAD – The Faisalabad police have drawn out a new strategy for a speedy action in the investigation of rape cases.

According to the new strategy, the police will arrange the DNA tests of rape victims at government expenses. The decision has been taken for swift proceedings in the investigation and to relieve the victims of the heavy charges of the tests that cost Rs 15,000.

SSP Dr Usman has directed all the officers concerned to take into account the new policy while dealing with such cases. He has also ordered the SHOs that in the event of any complaint of rape they must arrange the immediate medical test of the victim and record her statement without wasting any time. He has also instructed all concerned to make the DNA Test as an integral part of record in the investigation and challan.

The move will go a long way to ensure justice for the victims and discourage the trend of levelling false allegations of rape to settle personal enmities and grudges. DNA Test is the most advanced and a state-of-the-art diagnostic process with mathematical accuracy. In the Punjab, the test facility is available only at Punjab University’s Micro Biology Department, Lahore.

The heavy cost involved for the test make it difficult for poor victims to pay Rs. 15,000/ to get justice as it is contrary to the principle of inexpensive justice at the doorstep of the victim. Women organizations and human rights activists have welcomed the move as a humane decision and have expressed the hope that it will enable the victims to get the vital evidence to prove their cases and convict the rapists in the courts.

“Once the victim has a documented evidence of rape to support her version in the court of law, it will save a lot of time required in the court proceedings and will save the victim from the embarrassment of lengthy cross-examination in the court”, said an analyst. Stolen manhole covers recovered by WASA team: Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) raided a house in People’s Colony No 2 near Fawara Chowk and recovered dozens of stolen manhole covers.

The WASA team, headed by Batala Colony Sub Engineer Iqbal Ahmed, raided a house in People’s Colony No 2 and found at least 35 manhole covers. The owner of the house, Munir Ahmed, however, escaped from the scene. Open manholes are a serious cause of public concern as a number of children have lost their lives after felling into them.

The WASA is always held responsible for the incident as when it takes place, but the WASA officials say they cannot arrange security for hudreds of manholes spreading all over the city.

Source: The Express Tribune


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