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Brother ‘sells’ sister for a quick buck

KARACHI: It is unbelievable and simply unbearable to hear that ones own blood can willingly and without hesitation sell you for a quick buck. But what is harder to believe is that a brother can painlessly sell his own sister to see some green.

Mudassir Noor, 21, has a brother; who sold her thrice. Noor belongs to a small village in Punjab, she left her hometown, left her entire life and decided to migrate to Karachi just so that her brother would not ever sell her again. Narrating her story, she alleges that her brother, under false marriages, forcibly made her a bride of three different men.

Noor revealed that she comes from a humble background and has never ever been inside a school but it was her wish to receive education. She seemed to be confused and disoriented when narrating her story, as if she can’t get herself to revisit her past. Her slow smile was able to reveal more about her tragedy than her words.

“I used to think my life was going to be simple and without any charms like any other village girl but I had never thought that this would ever happen to me,” she said.

It seemed like Noor still hasn’t gotten over the fact that she was put on sale under the sacred norm of marriage. “It all came down on me when my first husband told me about my brother’s true intention of getting me married,” she said quietly.

After her first marriage, Noor’s brother forced her to divorce her husband and then he got her married to another man who she thought she would be married to forever.

Noor added that her elder sister, whom she lived with for a while, saved her. “My elder sister knew about what my brother was doing to me; she took me away from my village without telling anyone,” she revealed.

Unfortunately, her sister’s efforts were not able to stop her brother. “He reeled my sister’s husband and convinced him to divorce my sister so that they could sell us both,” alleged Noor. Nowadays, Noor has been given shelter at the Ansar Burney Welfare Trust (ABWT); she waits for justice even though she has little hope of ever getting it. Noor revealed that her life is still in danger because her brother is constantly threatening to kill her. She added that the early arrest of her brother would not only save her life but would also boost her longing to live.

ABWT Vice President Sarim Burney told Daily Times that the organisation was doing all it could for Noor. He was of the view that such incidents can destroy relations and jeopardize the entire society. faraz khan
Source: Daily Times

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