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Amina writes letter to ISI chief for release of husband

ISLAMABAD: Chairperson of the Defence of Human Rights Amina Masood Janjua has asked the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief to help release innocent missing Pakistanis from the custody of ‘secret agencies’ of Pakistan and America.

Amina said she was ready to pay the bounty to the Americans they had given for these innocent Pakistanis and wanted to know how much money was taken against the missing persons. In a letter written to Lt-Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha, Amina Masood wrote that she had confirmed reports of innocent Pakistanis being detained by secret agencies of Pakistan and America, which she would disclose when asked.

She wrote: “I have come to know through President Musharraf’s book In the line of Fire that citizens of Pakistan were sold to Americans after taking bounties of dollars. Some of them are Dr Aafia Siddiqui along with three innocent children, Saifullah Paracha, Majid Khan, Atiqueur Rehman, Faisal Faraz and my husband Masood Ahmad Janjua.”

“I also have confirmed evidence of my husband Masood Ahmad Janjua abducted on July 30, 2005 from Rawalpindi, being still kept in Pakistan at the GHQ, 10 Corps Chaklala Garrison Rawalpindi, and at Cell 20, I-9 Islamabad (under Col Habibullah) during his three years and three months most torturous illegal detention, so far. Lt-Gen Safqaat, the then-MS to the president, also called my father-in-law Lt-Col (retd) Raja Ali Muhammad on May 31, 2006 and confirmed that Masood was alive and will be coming home.”

She mentioned: “Sources of my confirmed information are international Human Rights Organisations like Cage Prisoners, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Witnesses of many released persons, and confirmation through Pakistan Army and Air force sources (which I will disclose when asked about it), that Masood is in the custody of secret agencies of both Pakistan and the US working in close collaboration in Pakistan.”

“Since huge amounts of money was taken for Masood (violating all international and national laws, fundamental rights guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), Americans will never release him unless they will get their money back. I request you as an aggrieved daughter of the nation to please give me this much favour as to tell me how much money should I need to pay to buy back my husband from American custody and similarly other honourable citizens of my beloved country…?”

“For this kindness, my very old parents, two sons, one daughter and me myself will keep praying for you all our life, if Masood is released this way by paying off the required amount,” Amina concluded.
Source: The News