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Young female schoolteacher gunned down

Karachi: A young schoolteacher was cut down by an unknown assassin’s bullet in Gulistan-i-Jauhar on Wednesday.

SHO Asif Jakhrani said Sana, 24, was a teacher at a private school in Gulistan-i-Jauhar.

She left the school with her friend in her Alto car on Wednesday and dropped her at her house opposite Bisma Apartments.

She then left for her own house situated in Block-8, Gulistan-i-Jauhar. On the way unidentified armed men shot her dead and fled at around 2pm, SHO Jakhrani said.

After receiving information about the incident, police arrived at the scene and took the woman to hospital.

Doctors found through an examination that a single bullet had hit her in the head, causing her death.

Witnesses told the police that the suspects were in a car and fired two bullets, of which one hit the woman in the head, while the other pierced through the car’s windowpane.

However, investigators a single young suspect was involved. The family denied any enmity. They said the police had taken Sana’s cellphone into custody and were looking into the call and message record.

In a separate case, Abdul Wahid was shot dead in the Mominabad police limits.

Police said that the incident happened on Wednesday morning in Faqeer Colony.

They added that Abdul Wahid was a resident of the same area and was sitting outside his house when he got into an argument with Fahim. The confrontation turned into an altercation, during which Fahim took out his pistol, shot and killed Wahid and fled. Both men were relatives and had a dispute over some domestic issue.

In yet another case, Irfan was gunned down in the Baghdadi police limits. The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon in Moosa Lane. Police arrested Akram for allegedly murdering Irfan.

Police said that a few days earlier the children of Irfan and Akram had a quarrel while playing, which resulted in a scuffle between their fathers.

Elderly residents of the area resolved the matter between the neighbourers.

On Wednesday morning Akram came out of his house with a handgun and called Irfan out from his house. When Irfan came out, Akram shot and killed Irfan and fled.

Later, police carried Irfan’s body to hospital, detained some men from Akram’s family and told them to call Akram back. During investigations, the police were tipped off that the suspect was seen in the Gul Plaza area.

A police team rushed towards the spot and arrested Akram. Police said that the deceased was a vendor and the only breadwinner of the family. A case has been registered and an investigation is continuing.

Source: The News