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Women urged to approach complaint centres for legal aid

Karachi: Sindh Minister for Women Development Tauqir Fatima Bhutto has urged the women subjected to any discrimination or violence as well as people privy to any such incident to immediately contact the complaint centres functional in the province.

She said that the PPP government committed to the cause of women was running ten complaint centres to address issues related to victimisation and violence against women.

“The well-equipped and adequately staffed centres are providing timely legal support as well as all other relevant assistance to the women subjected to violence,” she said.

The minister on Saturday also sought a detailed report from the District Police Officer of Tharri Mirwah about the murder of a student, Anila Bhutto, keen to pursue her studies.

She, through an official communication, asked the DPO to undertake an impartial inquiry, apprehend the culprits involved in the crime and ensure they did not go scot-free.

Bhutto regretting the murder of Anila said exemplary punishment had to be ensured for people engaged in crimes against women so that others may dare not to do so.

Anila, adamant to continue her studies, was killed allegedly by her fiancee as he was against her education. Bhutto said that the unfortunate incident at Mirwah reflected the mindset of those who were against the education of women.

Source: The News