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Women journalists hailed for reporting on gender-based violence

KARACHI: The Centre for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) on Friday commemorated the World Press Freedom Day by applauding the work of women journalists around the world in reporting on gender-based violence.

According to a press release, director of New Jersey-based CWGL Krishanti Dharmaraj said: “Women journalists have made a significant contribution to defending human rights through their reporting on gender based violence throughout the years.”

“The threats faced by women journalists while performing their jobs are very real, and it is not limited to geography or a single type of political space, it is widespread,” she added.

The CWGL started consultations on the Global Journalism Initiative on gender-based violence, a platform for journalists to work with experts in gender, trauma and human rights to better report on gender based violence. Over 70 women journalists from over 30 countries, including Mexico, Honduras, Spain, Cameroon, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Samoa, Jordan and Syria, were engaged through extensive consultations to share their perspectives on reporting on gender-based violence.

“It was clear from the consultations that women journalists from varying experiences faced specific threats due to their gender, and other intersecting identities in particular when reporting on gender-based violence,” said Ms Dharmaraj.

“Gender based violence continues to be an issue that hinders the full participation of women and their contribution to society. We hope that this project will not only help women journalists strengthen their trade, but also create a space for journalists to share ideas on reporting on gender based violence,” said the director.


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