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‘Women can also prosper in a male-dominated profession’

‘Women can also prosper in a male-dominated profession’

A female cable operator – Today, our society is termed as a maledominated society. In such a society, if a female chooses a profession where there is male domination, then it is surely praiseworthy. In Pakistan, the cable industry is one such field, and we are proud to introduce you to a female who chose a rather arduous profession for herself – that is, running a cable business. Cable operators are required to work 365 days a year and 24 hours a day without any leaves, because viewers can face problems related to the cable any time of the day. Talat Rasheed, a resident of Rawalpindi-Islamabad and a mother of three sons, moved to Tandlianwala after getting married at the age of 18. Her eldest son is 24 years of age while the youngest one is 19. As the children grew up and the responsibilities lessened down, she decided to do something constructive. She particularly wanted to associate herself with a profession wherein she could not only stay in constant touch with people, but also facilitate them with the dissemination of news, entertainment and information. In a recent interview with Talat Rasheed regarding the Cable Operators Day, she discussed the cable industry and her experience so far. Following are the excerpts:

Ques: For how long have you been associated with the cable industry?

Ans: I have been in this field for almost five years.

Ques: What made you choose this field?

Ans: When I thought about doing something productive, the first thought that struck my mind was that I should choose a profession where female presence is almost non-existent. Hence, I came to the conclusion that the cable industry would be the best option considering the scenario.

Ques: How did you find the cable industry?

Ans: Being a woman, I initially had to face a few difficulties because like myself, it was a new experience for my male counterparts too. Anyhow, after two years of untiring hard work and patience, I am successfully running the business today, with the blessing of Allah.

Ques: As a female, what sort of challenges did you have to face in this field?

Ans: As I have already mentioned, besides being a unique experience for my own self, it was also an alien as well as a difficult situation for my colleagues. This is because our society can accept a man in any given role but for a woman, the society is not very conducive. However, with the grace of Almighty Allah, I succeeded.

Ques: How many channels is your cable service currently airing?

Ans: At present, we are airing around 90 channels.

Ques: What’s your take on Geo TV’s popularity?

Ans: For Geo, I’d only say that the name says it all. Any cable network service is certainly incomplete without Geo. Being the primary choice of the audience, if there is ever a technical glitch experienced during Geo’s transmission, we are bombarded with calls from our viewers.

Ques: Kahani and Tez are Geo TV’s new ventures. What’s the feedback of the audience regarding these new channels?

Ans: Both these channels have become very popular among viewers, spxeially, Geo Kahani has diverted the audience’s attention from the foreign channels.

Ques: How many males and females work with you? What do you have to say about their behaviour with you?

Ans: In my area, at least I am the only female affiliated with the cable industry. As far as my male colleagues are concerned, at I had to face some difficulties but now they not only respect me but also fully cooperate.

Ques: What is your message for the women of our society?

Ans: My message to the woman of today is that a woman can do whatever she wants all she needs is determination and courage. I hope that, like other countries, Pakistani women will also excel in different professions and fields. I pray to Allah to help them with their endeavours. I wish the cable industry of our country thrives.

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