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‘Mentally disturbed’ doctor kills daughter, attempts suicide

RAWALPINDI: A man, suspected to be mentally disturbed, shot dead his daughter and then attempted suicide by shooting himself at his house in Chaklala Scheme III, the Airport police and the victims’ family said.

Khalid Aziz, a homeopathic doctor in his early 80s, had been out of practice after falling sick. He also had a mentally challenged 52-year-old daughter besides two sons.

On Tuesday, he was at home with his wife and daughter when he shot and killed the latter at around 3pm. He then attempted to take his own life and shot himself with the same gun.

Sub Inspector Tahir Mehmood, who is investigating the murder case while quoting Khalid Aziz’ wife, said she (the wife) was washing clothes when she heard the gunshots.

She ran into the room and found her daughter dead on the floor.

The police official quoted the wife as saying, “I was standing besides my daughter’s body when my husband attempted suicide by shooting himself right in front of me.”

However, the bullet only pierced the doctor’s shoulder because of which he survived.

Khalid Aziz was later shifted to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) where he is stated to be in a stable condition and under police custody.

His two sons and relatives also reached the house upon receiving information of the death.

Talking to Dawn, Faisal Mehmood, the doctor’s nephew, said: “I rushed to my uncle’s house on hearing that my cousin had been shot dead. I found my injured uncle lying near the stairs while my cousin’s body was on the floor.”

He said the doctor had been suffering from severe depression since long.

According to the police, the doctor was stressed of looking after his daughter, and decided to end her life.

However, they said the real circumstances could only be known after investigation was launched by the police.