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Women and public transport


MANY women are working outside the homes to support their families and using the local transport to reach destinations.

While the local transport system facilitates the people, especially women, it has many drawbacks that need serious attention.

Travelling becomes a painful experience for them because of stares from both the drivers and the passengers. Women feel unsafe while travelling by public transport. Drivers display uncivilised behaviour towards womem passengers which is extremely annoying.

Loud vulgar music is also played throughout the journey, which is very disturbing for women passengers.

Women use front seats next to the driver, as these are assigned to them. It is our duty to respect the women passengers, as they are also like our mothers, sisters, and daughters.

We must raise our voice to stop this uncivilised activity. As such situations amount to women pressing charges of sexual harassment against such drivers, women must register complaints whenever they come across such problem.

The anti-harassment act is meant to provide support to working women, and their problems can be solved on registering a complaint.