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10 Jirga members held for giving girl in Swara

MINGORA: The police here on Saturday arrested 10 members of a jirga who had asked the family of a 12-year girl to give her in swara to settle some dispute.

The arrested jirga members include Khan Rehman, Shah Jehan, Sher, Abbas, Taj Mohammad Khan, Mian Sher Ali, Rozi Khan, Janay and Shamsher Ali.

It was learnt that members of the jirga had given the girl, Naziyat, in swara.

Reports said that the girl’s brother had allegedly raped the daughter of one Rozi Khan who sought the help of a jirga. The jirga decided that a sister of the alleged rapist would be given to the rival party to settle the dispute.

However, the brothers of Naziyat refused to accept the verdict of the jirga, which reportedly took place at the Sangota Police Station. The girl and her brothers had moved the court of law against the verdict of the jirga.

Meanwhile, Station House Officer Hashim Ali was also suspended as the jirga had reportedly taken place at the Sangota Police Station.

Later, the girl was produced in the court. She said she had refused to accept thejirga’s verdict. Her father complained that the police forced them to accept the verdict.

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