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Woman, two daughters shot dead in Gambat

KHAIRPUR: A woman and her two minor daughters were gunned down when armed men broke into a house and opened fire on the inmates in Jhando Narejo village situated in the kutcha area of Gambat taluka late on Wednesday night.

Officials at the Baharo police station said the attack seemed to be related to some family dispute.

The police and witnesses said that the attackers targeted the family of Mehrab Narejo and killed Sabul Narejo, 35, and her daughters, Shama, 4, and Imam Khatoon, 6.

The firing also left some other inmates, Mr Narejo’s nephew Rabban, 22, Ms Sanam, 28, Yasin, 3, Richan, 4 and Husna, 8, wounded. A buffalo also sustained fatal bullet wounds.

While the police were yet to determine the relationship between each of the victims, neighbours said that Ms Sanam was stated to be the second wife of Mr Narejo. She was referred to a Larkana hospital for treatment of her serious wounds.

The police took the bodies to the Gambat Taluka Hospital for a post-mortem examination before they were handed over to the heirs.

The wounded victims were admitted to the same hospital for treatment.