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Woman tortured by drug peddlers dies in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: A 50-year-old woman, who was allegedly tortured by drug peddlers, died during treatment at a hospital on Sunday.

The victim, identified as Miran Solangi, had confronted a woman named Ghazala, who allegedly sold drugs in her neighbourhood within the remits of Hosri police station in Hyderabad.

Following Miran Solangi’s death, her family members staged a protest sit-in with her body, blocking the Hyderabad-Tando Mohammad Khan Road.

Miran Solangi was attacked at her home in Bihan Mori on Friday for allegedly for challenging the sale of drugs in her neighbourhood.

Her condition deteriorated on Saturday evening, and she was rushed to Bhitai Hospital in Latifabad, where she died during treatment.

The family shifted her body from the hospital in an ambulance. Upon reaching Hosri Mor, the men, women, and children accompanying the body stopped the ambulance and staged a protest on Hyderabad-Tando Mohammad Khan Road.

The protesters alleged that Ghazala and other members of her family were involved in drug peddling. Despite being arrested on several occasions, police have allegedly failed to take action against them.

The protesters claimed that the drug peddlers, after being released from court, resume their nefarious activities.

Source: Express Tribune