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Woman, her three children strangled

OKARA: A man who is said to be financially upset allegedly strangled his wife and three children in Hujra Shah Muqeem’s Malianwala locality late on Monday night.

Ijaz Khan wedded his love, Azra, after converting her to Islam from Christianity about 12 years ago. They had three children – 11-year old Tasaduq, eight-year-old Rida Mariyam and three-year-old Rida Fatima.

On the day of incident, Khan, who was reportedly stressed because of his economic and domestic problems, allegedly drugged his wife and three children, strangled them when they were asleep in his rented house and fled.

Azra’s brother Gulzar visited her house late at night and found her and her children strangled.

ROBBERS CAPTURED: Locals captured five robbers who were on the run after looting money from Youngpur 38-GD branch of the Habib Bank on Tuesday.

The armed men robbed Rs425,000 from the bank cashier and three cell phones and Rs98,160 from three customers and fled. Locals chased the robbers and captured them after their car overturned near Bibipur village. Three locals were injured in the process.

The police also reached the scene, took the robbers in custody and retrieved the looted money and cell phones from them.

The Gogera police have registered a case against the robbers.

COPS BOOKED: Six policemen and four others were booked for forcing their entry into a woman’s house and beating her up in Fakhar Town in Depalpur.

Bilqees had a quarrel with the women of Muhammad Abbas’ family on Monday. Abbas moved Depalpur’s Sadar police against her. ASI Noor Samand, constables Aftab, Poppy and their three colleagues and Abbas, Liaquat, Kashif and Tariq barged in Bilqees’ house and beat her up severely. They allegedly tore off her clothes.

Bilqees got a case registered against the six policemen and four others with Sadar police. However, it was not clear what or who forced the Sadar police to register a case against its own staff.
Source: Dawn