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Widow gang-raped by 3 landlords in Daska

Naseem Bibi says she has been receiving death threats after going to the police.

DASKA: A widow Naseem Bibi was gang raped at her house by three local land lords.

According to police officials, Naseem Bibi was allegedly raped by Hayat, Fareed and Liaqat in the Lakra Kurd-Motra village late on Saturday night. Naseem Bibi told police officials that the accused stormed into her house and held her hostage at gun point. “We had no idea what had happened because the incident occurred late at night and she was gagged,” said a neighbour Kareem.

Police officials said that Naseem approached them the next day after the accused had fled. “She was severely injured and we have shifted her to the DHQ Hospital for a medical examination,” said Daska Station House Officer .

Naseem told reporters that the men had gagged her and blind folded her and assaulted her all night.

“I eventually fainted and when I woke up they were gone,” she said, adding “I called the police after that but I have been receiving death threats from the men.”

Motra police officials said that they were searching for the whereabouts of the criminals but the men had already fled the district.

“The accused are powerful men and they have a lot of supporters in the district. It isn’t safe for me to live here anymore as I live alone with my children,” Naseem said.

Naseem Bibi told the reporters that the accused had threatened her several times over the past few years but she had remained in the district because her children were enrolled in school and she had found employment.

“They had often threatened and harassed me but I couldn’t leave the area. I work as a seamstress and my children are in school here,” she said. “I cannot afford to just pick up and leave. I do not have the means to do so,” she said.

Naseem’s husband Abdullah was killed in a rivalry over property over four years ago and Naseem said that ever since her husband’s death she had been supporting her family on her own. “I do not think the police will arrest the men. They are politically affiliated and have a lot of money. I fear for my life,” Naseem told reporters at the DHQ hospital.

DHQ hospital Dr Imran has confirmed that Naseem was gang raped and said that she had also been severely beaten. “Right now her two children are with her and she has asked to stay in recovery for a couple of days because she fears for her safety,” Dr Imran said.

Naseem has appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to ensure the early arrest of the accused rapists.

All names have been changed in the story to protect the identity of the victim.

Source: Daily Times