Types of Honour

Types of Honour

By: M. A. Niazi

There was a macabre irony in the fact that there was so much speculation about Imran Khan’s third wedding just before model and notoriety-seeker Qandeel Baloch was strangled by her brother in an honour killig.
After all, she had begun her efforts at seeking publicity by offering to marry Imran.
He had not commented on the matter.

However, Qandeel had also involved herself in the Ruet-i-Hilal Committee, or rather one of its members, Mufti Abdul Qavi, with whom she struck poses over the social media during Ramazan.

Her matter is now with the Almighty, but let it be noted that she was under no sentence, and one wonders if her brother can claim sudden provocation even though she had been a model and an attention-seeker for some time now.

I’m interested in the interest shown over Imran’s marriage.Mian Nawaz has been a PM thrice, but a larra only once.It isalmost as if Imran, who is now 62, is making up as larra where he has not made it as PM.Is he like the old man who got married repeatedly solely so that he could hear the sentence, “Munday noo lai aao.”

This is the age where one should begin thinking about children’s marriages, rather than about settling down.Imran should remember Tyrian White is now of Mian Nawaz is barely four years older, and his grand-daughter is married.Is it more honourable to attend one’s grand-daughter’s wedding or one’s own?

Speaking of Prime Ministers, the UK has got a new one right now, and not in September.After the vote among the Tory MPs yielded two candidates, one backed out, leaving Home Secretary Theresa May alone in the field to face the vote of party members in September.So she got the job right away, which will be the greatest honour she has ever had.She’s the second woman to be Prime Minister of the UK.The first, Margret Thatcher, produced Thatcherism.So will Theresa May produce May-ism? Or Mayhem?

The last May of any prominence was cricketer Peter May, who captained England between 1955 and 1963.
He captained in 41 Tests, which remained a world record until Clive Lloyd broke it, and an England record until Mike Atherton broke it. Atherton was also a Cambridge man. Theresa May, on the other hand, went to Oxford, like Imran, like Benazir Bhutto.

Misbahul Haq might not have been to either Oxford or Cambridge, but he did score a ton at Lord’s, in what might well be the oldest Test appearance there.

It was certainly the hundred scored by the oldest captain, and will get him his name on the honour board there.
Note that the man whose record he broke had been Bobby Simpsons. Simpson had been called out of retirement due to the Packer rebellion, and scored his 176 against an attack including Bedi, Chandra and Prasanna.

On the other hand, far from being called out of retirement, Misbah cannot be kept off the cricket field.
It’s funny when you think of it, but at Misbah’s age, Imran had retired, but not yet entered politics.

Another difference is that Misbah is married, while Imran was still a bachelor, about to engage on the first of his attempts to prove the adage, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

Of course, being elected Prime Minister is not the only way of becoming the ruler of the country.
Some people manage to do so by military coup. Of course, the coup must be carried out by the Chief of Army Staff, with the military acting in unison, and obeying a single chain of command. In Turkey, it was a section of the Army, not all of it.
In Pakistan, the Army is more efficient. Also, unlike the Turkish people on Saturday, the Pakistani people are known for celebrating coups by distributing sweets.

Either way, a soldier is forced to lose his honour. If he is sworn to uphold the Constitution, he is also bound to obey his superior officer. What happens when his superior orders him to overturn the Constitution?

The only move towards a coup in Pakistan was the putting up of posters begging Gen Raheel Sharif to take over.
He didn’t, and the posters went down.In Turkey, on the other hand, the coup-makers had to kidnap the Chief of General Staff.Imagine someone kidnapping General Raheel.

Perhaps more ridiculous was the way Kashmiris continued to die in the protests that erupted in Held Kashmir after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani.11 were killed in the initial protests, but then the police switched to rubber bullets.
A girl was blinded. Was she among the protesters or was she at home? Doesn’t matter, she’s blind. Indian occupation forces have been aiming at eyes, it seems, and have wreaked much damage.

Not as much damage as the man of Tunisian origin, who drove a truck into a crowd in Nice, which had gathered to watch the traditional Bastille Day fireworks.84 people were killed, more than Wani had ever offed. in one go The Islamic State claimed responsibility, saying that the attacker had been a ‘soldier’.The French police said he was mentally disturbed. And what about the UK/ Despite the Brexit, it’s got Muslims too, and I’m sure the normal proportion would be mentally disturbed.

Normally, no one recruits the mentally disturbed.The Islamic State has shown that it is particularly liberal, in this respect, if not others.
So expect things to happen there.It seems that there’s a race between Theresa May and Daesh on who makes more mayhem.

There’s been mayhem already in Lahore, where a mother and daughter were electrocuted in Misri Shah after the first rains of the monsoon.Or is it the pre-monsoon still? Though there has been no deluge, low-lying areas have begun flooding.
And wires are naked, and not just in Misri Shah.

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