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Two held for detaining girl

SHIKARPUR, Oct 30: The Gaheja police have taken into custody a girl of Multan who was found at Daro bus stop on Wednesday.

According to Sumera 16, she was brought fraudulently by one Gulsher Jamali from Multan a few days ago to meet with his parents at Agha Mohammad Nawaz Village, Garhi Yasin Taluka, where Gulsher Jamali compelled her to marry with him and tried to torture her when she refused.

While getting a chance she came out from the house of Gul Sher and contacted her parents from a PCO located at Daro Bus stop on Lakhi-Madeji road. While following her, Gul Sher Jamali accompanied by his friend Imdad Ali Hajano caught her on bus stop and tried to forcibly take her back to his house.

When Sumera raised her voice, oher villagers standing at bus stop, called Gaheja police on telephone who took her in their custody and arrested Imdad Ali Hajano while Gulsher Jamali slipped away.

Police brought Sumera in the office of DPO Shikarpur and later arrested Imdad Ali Hajano. Sumera informed the police that Gul Sher Jamali was a private security guard serving at a private firm in Ali Town Multan and he had family terms with her.

She was kept in the custody of women police in Shikarpur.
Source: Dawn