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TV personality Mani slammed for poking fun at #MeToo movement

In the wake of #MeToo, many have come forward with their ordeals of sexual harassment and misconduct. As the movement picks up in Hollywood and Bollywood, it’s still yet to gain momentum in Pakistan.

While some celebs have supported #MeToo with strong words, others have failed to understand the narrative and everything the campaign stands for. One such celebrity is Mani.

Taking to Instagram, the 42-year-old TV host shared a picture of Tarana Burke – the founder of Me Too movement. The text inscribed on the picture was, “This is Tarana Burke, the founder of Me Too movement.”

The next line inscribed on the very picture was so troublesome that it resulted in the host being called out by many on social media platform. The text read, “Don’t know who touched her and why?”

A local journalist, Manaal Fahim Khan, tweeted, “Salman Sheikh, aka Mani, just shared this on Instagram. The crazy, raging, man-hating feminist in me has no words. Congratulations Mani on leaving me, and so many others, speechless.”

A few Instagram users commented on Mani’s post.

“What a disgusting man you are to joke about sexual harassment. You have two sons who will turn out to be certified douchebags high on toxic masculinity with this shitty mindset you are raising them. Shame!” wrote one user.

Another one stated, “I’m sorry but you’re the dumbest, most cruel person ever.”

“This is pretty damn repulsive. How disconnected are you and your wife (who recently made some shocking revelations about their relationship on an interview with Samina Peerzada) from this world?! Seriously, one has to be a complete moron, that to at a time like this to make light of such serious matters,” another one slammed Mani’s thoughts on the movement.

“Tarana Burke will leave behind a legacy, a movement that brought down the most powerful men in Hollywood. While men like you can’t seem to get their heads out of their a**** to see that we are in 2018. There is no room for people who think like you in this world anymore!”

“If you think it was funny, it definitely is not! It is cheap and downright disgusting and so are you for sharing this!” wrote another follower.

Another one commented, “What a shame. What a shame. Hira Mani, you were singing praises of him in the talk show and it was really nice seeing someone openly show love and support for their husband but this is down right disgusting. Mani, your humour (if it is) or thinking is cheap and disgusting. SHAME ON YOU. Please raise your sons better. And be thankful this didn’t happen to women around you.”

Dear Mani, we understand that the awakening can be rude. It might be difficult to understand the grandeur and magnitude of a movement like this. But the least you can do is not ridicule people associated with it.

As someone who has been in this industry for several years now, you happen to have a certain fan following. They surely hope for a better narrative.

The Express Tribune