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Time limit for indoor marriages challenged

LAHORE: A lawyer has filed a writ petition challenging police raids on residences in alleged violation of the Punjab Marriage Function Act 2006.

Advocate Ishtiaq Chaudhry states that offering a great hospitality in marriage functions is a vital part of eastern traditions. He says in a suffocated society, wedding functions are great source of social contact among family and friends so these events cannot be limited to specific time period.

The petitioner pleads that enforcing the time limit of 10pm on the wedding functions held inside houses is a clear violation of fundamental rights protected in the Constitution.

He says the Marriage Function Act cannot be enforced on a house but the authorities have been misusing the law causing harassment in society.

The lawyer prays to the court to set aside the imposition of Section 144 and declare the raids by police on residences as illegal.

Ombudsperson: The LHC has directed Punjab Ombudsperson Mira Phailbus to file an amended reply to a contempt petition moved by Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran challenging an order passed by the ombudsperson on a complaint against him.

A Punjab Law College lecturer, Khujista Rehan, had filed a complaint before the ombudsperson against the VC on charges of sexual harassment.