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Three women attempt to commit suicide

LARKANA: Three wom­en attempted to commit suicide in different parts of the district on Friday by consuming pesticides and sedatives in large quantities.

Luckily, all three were saved by their well-wishers and the timely medical help they received at the Chan­dka Medical College Hospital.

Farzana Shaikh, 17, who had been recently orpha­n­ed, was found unconscious near lawyers’ chambers and was rushed to the CMCH.

She told reporters after doctors saved her life that she had got fed up with life after the death of her parents and brothers.

She was a member of a respectable family and could not stand the hypocrisy of society; therefore, she decided to end her life, she said.

Waderi Bagri, 30, was brought to hospital in semiconscious state after she consumed insecticide in the wake of a quarrel with her husband over certain domestic issues.

She was saved by doctors.

Ms Zameeran Chandio, 30, took insecticide in an attempt to end her life in Faiz Mohammad Janveri village on the outskirts of Shahdadkot town over insulting behaviour of her son.

“What remains in life to keep on living after your own son insults you before others over petty issues,” she said dejectedly.