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The killer of a 7-year-old girl was arrested

ISLAMABAD: The killer of a 7-year-old girl was arrested by the Capital Police from the Islamabad Airport when he arrived from the first Hajj flight here on Tuesday after performing Hajj.

Shahid Azim, the son of Muhammad Shafi, raped a 7-year-old girl, strangulated her and threw her body on the roof of another house of the street and left Islamabad for performing Hajj, police said.

The Capital Police arrested the rapist and recovered sandals and Chaddar of the innocent victim after he confessed of the crime.

Seven-year-old, Sadia Hussain, the student of a local school, was raped and killed after being kidnapped when she was playing in a street in I/10-2 on October 25.

On the complaint of Akhtar Hussain, the father of the victim, resident of H-1312, Street-12, Sector I-10/2, the Sabzi Mandi Police later recovered the body of the victim from the roof of a house close to her house and sent it to the PIMS for autopsy. The autopsy report confirmed her rape and killing by strangulation. The police registered the case under Section 364-A PPC.

The police said that the suspect — Shahid Azim, son of Muhammad Shafi — left for performing Hajj on November 14 before the recovery of Saadia’s body. “It was very difficult to cast doubt on a person who had left for Hajj but all evidences pointed at the accused,” an officer involved in the investigation said. “The residents of the street also informed us about his involvement in mysterious activities.”

He said that the police had no option but to wait for his return after getting the date and the time of his arrival. “He could have left Pakistan for good because he had Norwegian nationality,” he added.

“As the first Hajj flight (PK-2502) landed at the Islamabad Airport at 1.50 p.m., the police, already waiting for the monster, arrested him from the Arrival Lounge,” the police said.

The alleged rapist and killer later confessed of his crime, disclosing that he had picked up the girl from the street and later raped her in the drawing-room of his house. The SHO (Sabzi Mandi) Khalid Masood, quoting the statement of Shahid Azim, said that he strangulated the girl with her Chaddar when her condition worsened and threw her body on the roof of the next house.

The police have recovered the sandals of the minor victim from his house and a Chaddar used for strangulating her.

The police said that the wife of the accused was living in Norway while he, despite having the Norwegian nationality, was living alone in the house and was involved in suspicious activities.

Source: The News