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Teenage wife runs away from elderly spouse

SUKKUR: A teenage girl whose father had married her off last year to a 50-year-old man to clear a debt of Rs50,000, ran away from her husband’s home and returned to her parents in Jungal village near Thull on Sunday.

Talking to journalists, Ms Sikki Ladhi alleged that her husband Shabbir Ahmed Shaikh and his brothers Bashir, Guhram and Behram used to torture her and keep her in chains at night.

Showing torture marks, she accused her husband and his brothers of making her work like a slave the whole day and subjecting her to inhuman torture if she made a mistake. One of her ribs had been broken, she said.

According to her, she managed to escape early in the morning, boarded a pickup and reached Thull. She would never go back to her husband and if her parents forced her to go back she would commit suicide, she warned.

The parents put her under the protection of a villager elder and nazim of Jungal union council, Mushtaq Pahore.

The Thul police have not lodged any case, saying that the crime (the marriage) has been committed in the jurisdiction of Karampur police station.

It is learnt that Sikki Ladhi’s father Haroon Shaikh had borrowed Rs50,000 from Shabbir Ahmed and promised to pay back the money in a year but he failed to clear the debt.

Convinced that Haroon would never be able to pay back the loan, Shabbir forced him to give his daughter to him.

Shabbir moved to the katcha area of Karampur after marriage and never allowed his wife to visit her parents nor allowed her parents to see her.
Source: Dawn