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Teenage girl accuses ‘contractor’ of harassment

HARIPUR: A teenage girl has accused a contractor belonging to Afghanistan of threatening her family of serious consequences if it failed to marry her off to him.

The girl, a resident of Kotha Pir Kot village, disclosed this during a news conference at Haripur Press Club here on Sunday.

Accompanied by her mother and paternal uncle, the girl, who claimed to be a 12th grader at Government Higher School for Girls Chapra, told the newsmen that Hazir Khan, an Afghan national, was hired to dig a bore in their home several months back.

During the contractor work, he somehow obtained her mobile number and pictures, which he started, as a tool of blackmailing.

She said that the Afghan contractor forced her to marry him, otherwise he would make her pictures viral. She said that the Afghan contractor also threatened to kidnap her and her younger sister if her parents failed to solemnise her nikah with him.

She also accused the police of siding with the Afghan contractor and demanded the IGP for providing protection to her and the family members as the accused was influential.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the SHO Sera-e-Saleh Ejaz Ali Khan said that the police had registered a criminal case against Hazir Khan on January1, 2022 under section 506 of the PPC and 25-D of the Telegraph Act on the complaint of the same girl who accused the contractor of harassment and hurling threats.

However, the complainant and the accused parties contracted a patch up soon after the registration of the case.

The SHO said that the Afghan contractor has again filed a complaint against the girl and her family, accusing them of allegedly receiving cash and valuables worth Rs5 million from him on the pretext of marrying her off to him. “But the family backed off and instead started blackmailing him when he demanded back the cash and valuables he had given to them for the marriage,” the SHO quoted the Afgahn national as saying.

The SHO said that he has started an inquiry into the complaints lodged by the girl and the Afghan contractor.

Source: The news