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Save the dignity of women

EVERY day while going to the High Court I happen to see scores of women sweepers working in the morning on streets in Hyderabad.

I honestly feel pity for these poor hapless women, who are a weaker gender physically.

In our society women are not only abused, but also harassed by male-dominated society. Such stressful jobs of cleaning roadsides and public places are unsuitable for women.

The chastity and honour of a woman is compromised when she works in such miserable conditions as a sweeper. I believe that such degraded jobs should not be meant for women, as Islam has given a high calibre to the dignity and chastity of women.

There is no doubt that work is the only bread and butter for these women, but the relevant department should allow any male member of their family to do this task and they can share the salary accordingly.

In case a woman has no male member who can work in her family, she should be allowed to nominate any member of her extended family for such a job.

It is time we raised our voice and urged the federal and the provincial government to bring legislation where the honour and sanctity of women is not compromised. So her ego and respect may not be violated in the streets of Pakistan. I hope my suggestion shall not be swept under a carpet.

Member, Sindh Bar Council

Source: Dawn