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Rubina’s cry for justice remains unheard

KARACHI, October 06 2005: Alleged gang rape victim, Rubina Naz is compelled to seek refuge elsewhere after the two alleged rapists were declared innocent by the police and set free.

Rubina, who also runs a social welfare institution, said that she was receiving threatening calls on her personal and office number by an anonymous caller who ordered her to withdraw her charges filed against the culprits or else be ready to face the consequences. “I have been in hiding from one place to another along with my children because I know my brother-in-laws will try to attack me again,” she said.

Moreover, she said that the running of her institution was affected because the employees refuse to turn up.

“This case has destroyed the reputation of my institution. Most of the doctors and nurses have been absent from work for days,” she said.

She accused the investigation department of accepting bribery from the culprits and mentioned that she was unaware of the papers she was made to sign that apparently claimed that she was not subjected to sexual assault.

Upon contacting the Superintendent of Police, Mir Zubair, it was revealed that no evidence was found against the accused, Nadeem and Minhaj, in the alleged rape case and all accusations leveled by the complainant were groundless.

However, Zubair added that if any evidence is unearthed that might point the finger at the two accused, then they would be re-arrested and presented before the courts.

“I don’t think these innocent men should stay behind bars until we find credible evidence against them,” SP Zubair maintained.

Source: The News