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Redress for acid attack victim sought

KARACHI, Jan 24: National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza has said that those who threw acid on Maria Shah, a young lady health worker from Shikarpur, will be brought to justice.

She made these remarks in conversation with journalists after visiting the victim at the Burns Centre of the Civil Hospital Karachi on Saturday.

The speaker was accompanied by members of the National Assembly, Nafisa Shah and Khush Bakht Shujaat.

They inquired after the health of the victim who is being treated at the intensive-care unit of the hospital.

Dr Fehmida said that the purpose of their visit was to make sure that the victim received proper medical treatment.

She expressed satisfaction over the medical treatment being given to the victim and over the fact that the accused in the case had been arrested.

Those involved in such crimes should be given exemplary punishment so that no such incident should take place in future, the NA speaker said, adding that the punishment would get the message across that no one could get away scot-free after committing such an act.

The accused in such crimes should never get bail and if there were any legal loopholes, they should be closed, she said.

She also said that a proper campaign was required to increase awareness regarding the acid-throwing cases in society and emphasised the need for legislation in this regard.

She said, “The judiciary should be sensitised on the matter”, adding that it should deal with such cases on a fast-track basis.
Source: Dawn