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Punjab reports most rape, domestic violence cases in 2020

An orientation session on Punjab Gender Parity Report 2019- 20 was organized by Mumkin Alliance Punjab on Saturday.

Cases of violence including sexual assault, harassment, rape, kidnapping and domestic violence have increased in Punjab. Punjab Commission on Status of Women (PCSW) presented detailed view of gender parity in across  Punjab on six thematic areas of justice, demographics, education, governance, health, economic participation and opportunities, and special initiatives.

He shared that it was mentioned The report on governance says there are 18 percent women among senators, 20 percent women are in National Assembly, 8 on general seats, 60 on reserved seats and one on minority seat.

There are 75 women members out of 294 in the Punjab Assembly while two of them are ministers in provincial cabinet. In Punjab Assembly, 8 women are on general seats, 66 on reserved seats and one on minority.

In general elections 2018, 47 million women voted in the country of which 27 million were from Punjab.

Salman Abid said that PCSW government of Punjab present Gender parity report .according to him there were concerns and success too. we need to devise strategy on violence against women. efficiency of institutions must be checked. Laws are there implementation is dire need of hours.

Imran Javed from official of PCSW said that punjab gender Information management System (PGIMS) . we collect data from different departments including Education , health, governance , Judiciary , Population, PCSW issue report every years.

Imran Javed said that The data was collected from thousands of public offices and there were 253 indicators.

It was mentioned in the report that crimes against women have increased as there were 5% convictions and 95% acquittals in 2020 while the police emergency number 15 received 214,493 calls regarding violence against women in Punjab.

Mumkin Alliance Ms. Nabeela Shaheen, Regional Director Aurat Foundation, Exective director IDEA  Salman Abid,  etc adressed on the occasion.

Source: The Nation