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Plight of women projected

By: Sikander Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Not the confined set of paradigms that entails the phenomenon of art; it’s the streaming ripples of rebellion against the customary hyperboles that nail the deck.

The abominable norms of human mutilation adopted in rustic spheres of our society were lime-lighted in pictorial form, here on Wednesday in the artefacts entitling “No Honour in Killing” launched at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

The works aspired reflections on the extreme abysmal feminine-survival conditions. The art specimen mostly encompassing mixed-media fixtures with sculptures and ceramics unravelled the extent of tyranny that reigns when a living soul is stoned to death or set ablaze to satisfy some lurking chauvinist egos.

Niilofur Farrukh, the curator says that the brutal burial of five young girls in Nasirabad sent shudders down her spines. “That horrible incident shook me like anything. I decided to take it up, collected the work of different painters from across Pakistan and gave it a go. Glad we made it.”

Being an artist herself, it wasn’t too itchy an affair for Niilofur to assemble the desired stock that could sound instrumental in depicting women woes, “I travelled all the way from Karachi to the four provinces and gathered artworks from painters hailing from these origins. Being already in the trade, I was at ease to get connected to related artists.” Niilofur resolves to carry the exhibitions in Hydereabad, Khairpur, Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar and then back to Karachi.

The proponents of human dignity repulse the male chauvinistic impulse towards opposite gender as an abominable inhuman trait.

A man’s authoritative domineering unleashes the darkest side of his nature. This male-malediction blots the irremovable turbid scars especially when the issue in question pretexts fragile feminine.

Relating to the gloom-ridden theme of the event, the PNCA chief Naeem Tahir upheld sympathetic tone towards the cause. “No need to be glad.

This event does not mark jubilation. We are here to detest a very inhuman practice of female molestation. ItÂ’s high time, we, as a nation, wake up to the shrieks of our dear daughters of the East,” he makes a valid point indeed.
Source: The Nation