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Pitafi hasn’t apologised for his remarks yet: Nusrat Abbasi

Pitafi hasn’t apologised for his remarks yet: Nusrat Abbasi

PML-F MPA says no show-cause notice issued to PPP minister either

Pakistan Muslim League-Functional MPA Nusrat Seher Abbasi, who subjected to derogatory remarks by works and services minister Imdad Pitafi of the Pakistan People’s Party during Friday’s assembly proceedings, said on Sunday that despite the outrage the perpetrator had not actually apologised to her himself.

“So far a couple of MPAs have called me up to apologise on his [Pitafi’s] behalf, but he himself hasn’t done so yet,” Abbasi told The News.

She said the minister had passed derogatory remarks against her on live television and they were repeated several times on TV channels.

She added that she had received calls from several friends who were supporting her.

“It’s further shameful that such remarks were passed against me when Shehla Raza, the deputy speaker, was in the chair.”

“It’s beyond me as to why Shehla was smiling at the time the minister was insulting me.”

During the provincial assembly proceedings on Friday, Pitafi had told Abbasi that she should “come to my chamber if she is not satisfied with the answer” when she had asked him to read his answer in English.

Abbasi had retorted that the minister should take his mother and sisters to his chamber as she fully understood what he meant.

The PML-F MPA said the PPP parliamentary leader Nisar Khuhro had not issued a show cause notice to Pitafi unlike what TV channels were reporting.

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had asked Khuhro on Saturday to issue a show cause notice to Pitafi for his remarks.

Abbasi said she would take up the issue when the assembly session resumed on Monday (today). However, she did not mention what her response would be. It is likely that she will stage a token walkout in protest.

“It is shocking for me that the whole PPP leadership was sitting in the House and they took these remarks as a joke,” she lamented.

“Shehla is the head of the head of the Sindh Women Parliamentary Caucus that was formed for the protection of women rights, but she not only remained a silent spectator when the minister was passing these remarks but in fact encouraged him.”

On Saturday, Bilawal’s sister Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari and other PPP members too had condemned their own party’s minister for his remarks. Bakhtawar had demanded that Pitafi should apologise to the PML-F lawmaker.

Bakhtawar tweeted,” Yes [Pitafi] must apologise absolutely unacceptable behaviour & totally against ethos of our party that has been led by the strongest of women.”

Bakhtawar had replied to PPP MNA Nafisa Shah, who had tweeted, “MPA ImdadPitafi’s derogatory words against #NusratAbbasi in Sindhassembly r unacceptable. He must be made to apologise 2the house& 2the MPA.”

PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi tweeted, “Some people are just shameless. He’s [Pitafi] done it before. Leadership should sack him.”

In fact, when it was pointed out that PPP MPA Taimur Talpur was making noises after Pitafi’s remarks to further insult the PML-F lawmaker, Faruqi tweeted, “Partners in crime is more like it. Saw a clip of him hooting. Unfortunate when u support harassment.”

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