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Pir accused of rape arrested

RAWALPINDI: Local police on Friday arrested a Pir for allegedly declaring a sick teenage girl possessed by djinns and raping her to free her of the ethereal spirits.

Sadar Barooni police said the arrest was made on the complaint of the girl’s mother, Ms F. N. A woman from Mardan.

The mother said she heard about Pir N. K. while visiting her sister on Adiala Road in search of cure for her sick daughter.

N.K. was called to the house where his antics impressed the mother and she agreed he use his spiritual powers to scare away the evil spirits possessing her daughter in her presence.

But the Pir insisted he needed privacy and locked himself with the girl in a room. Worried, the mother peeped into the room after some time to find the Pir allegedly raping the girl. She raised alarm, which brought neighbours to the scene who overpowered the Pir.

Subsequently, police arrested him and, after a medical examination of the girl, registered a rape case against the accused.

He will be taken to a court on Saturday to get remand for his custody.