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Pakistan’s top ten female miracle mentors unveiled

KARACHI: Pakistan’s top 10 miracle mentors were unveiled at an event on Wednesday evening. The initiative was termed as a “campaign rather than a social movement, which will allow women to mentor other women and empower them.”

The event, which took place at Café Flo, epitomised femininity. The guests embraced the welcoming ambience that was defined by red roses, delicious hors d’oeuvres and a sense of empowerment.

Celebrating womanhood, ladies present at the occasion highlighted the need for fellow women to realise that a miracle lies within themselves and that the highs and lows of life help unveil the real them.

The top 10 women labelled as miracle mentors will counsel ten women each, making the numbers grow to a 100 digits. The campaign is slated to begin in April this year.
While speaking at the event, actor-entrepreneur Atiqa Odho, who has been selected as a miracle mentor, said, “I am honoured to be here. We can see such amazing women in our own homes; women who are a part of our lives. They are surely the role models.” “When a woman goes out to work, it’s a tremendous movement in itself. We have been given a chance to empower other women, so let’s use it wisely.”

Another miracle mentor, hairstylist Saeeda Mandviwalla commented, “I feel humbly appreciated for mentoring other women. This will certainly give them an opportunity to achieve their goals.” Mandviwalla shared how she grew her two-member team in 2003 to a 16-member team.

Samina Peerzada too, has been chosen as a miracle mentor. Although she was not present at the event, she sent across her message that was played on the screen. She stated, “I am very surprised that I have been asked to mentor other women, but I am all too happy about it.” “It’s a pleasure to see my own two daughters grow up, ready to move ahead in life.”

“If you have set your heart to something, then it is possible for you to achieve it. You should be very passionate about it,” she added. Peerzada said that she has never jeopardised her personal and occupational life and has always tried her best to strike a balance between the two. Designer Shamaeel Ansari said, “A miracle is not an occurrence that you wait for. It is a change of perception, and I hope women realise that and make this change.”

Empowering: Pond’s top 10 miracle mentors are:
1. Anila Weldon (entrepreneur)
2. Atiqa Odho (actor, director and entrepreneur)
3. Maheen Kardar Ali (designer)
4. Rukaiya Adamjee (stylist)
5. Saeeda Mandviwalla (hairstylist)
6. Samina Peerzada (actor and director)
7. Shai (chef)
8. Shamaeel Ansari (designer)
9. Tasneem Nakhoda (cosmetologist)
10. Vaneeza Ahmed Ali (former model)

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