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Pak-born woman to be prospective candidate of Labour Party

LONDON: A young Pakistan-born British woman Yasmin Qureshi has become the first Muslim woman here to become a prospective candidate for the ruling Labour Party in next general elections by defeating a sitting member of the European Parliament Robert Evans.

Yasmin defeated Evans just by two votes after neck-to-neck fight in the East Brent in London from where she will contest the next elections.

Women in Pakistan as well as British Muslim women have to venture into politics to make their mark and play a useful role in the society, she told in an interview here on March 14, 2004.

Born in Gujrat, Yasmin came to Britain when she was nine. She had been active as teenager in the Labour Party and won the confidence of the Labour through her commitment and hard work.

“I am not an exception. Yes it takes a lot of hard work, I have been active in the Labour Party since I was 16. I am very lucky, my family has no problem” in supporting my political activities, she said.

British Muslim women living in the UK should come out of their homes and help themselves and their families. They can do a lot once they set some targets to achieve and that is within their reach.

Questioned on the rights of women in Pakistan, Yasmin said Islam had to be taught properly as it was necessary not to use it as a means to keep women confined within the four walls. She said Islam does allow women to take part in various fields of life.

Islam had given women rights when no one even talked about it and she called for treating and honouring women properly.
Source: The News